Homebrew Inspiration

Character Sheet: Circle of the Moon Druid

Content coming soon!

Character Sheet: Dragonborn Barbarian AKA Myshon Elro

This character sheet design was born from a Dice Advent Calendar prize. On day one, I received this wonderful die and instantly saw the draconic writing style. Katie’s mind, however, went straight to The Hobbit.  I would have compromised and said this die belonged to a Dragonborn Druid, but this is a 12 sided die… Continue Reading →

Character Sheet: Dwarven Rune Knight AKA “Raggron Stormbreaker”

The character inspiration for this character sheet was created from a single die in an Advent Calendar. When I first saw this die, my mind instantly went to Dr. Strange, but Katie saw Dwarven hands in the creation of the sketchings. However, Dr. Strange is a Wizard or Sorcerer character, and I couldn’t find an… Continue Reading →

Character Sheet: Tabaxi Paladin AKA “Puss”

Content coming soon!

image of orc necklace

Amulet of Orc Pride

Orcs are a strong and resilient race. Even the weaklings of the pack have the constitution of a mountain range. But don’t misunderstand their rugged nature for hostility; if an orc sees potential in you, they may decide to take you in. Every once in a while, an orc brings someone into their fold and… Continue Reading →


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