Homebrew Inspiration

image of orc necklace

Amulet of Orc Pride

Orcs are a strong and resilient race. Even the weaklings of the pack have the constitution of a mountain range. But don’t misunderstand their rugged nature for hostility; if an orc sees potential in you, they may decide to take you in. Every once in a while, an orc brings someone into their fold and… Continue Reading →

image of monster sheet

Acid Seaweed from the Feywilds

Acid Seaweed is a homebrew creation of mine, which attacked my unsuspecting players as they swam into the feywilds. If you think your players will enjoy being attacked by plantlife and want to use my creation in your campaign, click here to add it to your D&D Beyond profile. If you don’t use D&D Beyond,… Continue Reading →

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