Pink Enhancer Stones

Picture it. A local town filled with ex-criminals are living a peaceful life. Maybe your players know someone who was sent there. This person was the biggest crook they had known. They double crossed their double crosses, and would stab anyone in the back for a couple of silver pieces. 

Ready to visit this old friend, they find a town filled with prison bars, and everyone has slightly pink hues around their eyes.

The old friend is smiling, and happily working on the crops. This is unlike him…

Every 40 minutes, the people of the town go back home. The friend suggests you follow him.

He takes you to his house, but all you see is a single room, a bed and a large pink gem.

This gemstone is designed to enhance and prolong a charm effect that has already been placed on a humanoid. You don’t need to be a spellcaster to use the gem; all you need to do is force a person to look at the stone.

A player could use it to force an NPC into doing their bidding for longer, or an enemy could have a whole town of people working for them without free will.

Use the screenshot above, or add the magic item to your DnD Beyond Inventory.

Tell us how your campaign has used the stone!

Image by Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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